Ken Horoho presented Penn State seminar – The CPA’s Role in Divorce in PA

Oct 04 2021

Ken Horoho participated in one of the thirteen seminars provided by Penn State, Beaver Campus to Certified Public Accountants and Attorneys’ he, along with Chris Pattison of HBK presented a program on The CPA’s Role in Divorce in Pennsylvania. Power Point …

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Beyond Pots & Pans

Sep 01 2021

BEYOND POTS AND PANS by Kerri Lee Cappella There’s an age-old misconception that Family Lawyers do little other than divide up “pots and pans.” Even a casual review of our website will reveal that our practice goes far beyond that. …

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Who Gets the Engagement Ring if the Relationship Ends?

Aug 19 2021

Ward of the Rings Who Gets the Engagement Ring if the Relationship Ends? Lorraine Mervan For many people, it’s the one time in our lives when we’re almost guaranteed a romantic moment. After a successful courtship, one of you takes …

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Do I Need a Forensic Accountant?

Feb 10 2021

DO I NEED A FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT? by Kerri Lee Cappella Very early in our representation, we discuss with our clients the composition of the marital estate and evaluate the nature of the parties’ incomes. As we analyze the financial aspects …

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Why You Need an Attorney Experienced in High Net Worth Divorce – By Carla Donnelly

Feb 03 2021

While no two divorces are alike, high net worth divorces often have complex financial issues that require specific expertise. Think about it, if you had a parent who thought they had cataracts, you would not suggest they go see their internist. A …

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Carla Donnelly Announces Upcoming Podcast/Videocast

Jan 30 2021

Carla Donnelly appeared on KDKA Radio with Divorce Reality Expert Nan Cohen to discuss divorce and custody issues.   They announced the upcoming launch of their podcast/videocast with psychologist Dr. John Duffy. They will be discussing all aspects of going through …

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Listen in: GHA Attorneys Donnelly and Kovalchick on KDKA Radio

Jul 13 2020

GHA attorneys Carla Donnelly and Alexandra Kovalchick appeared on KDKA Radio recently.  The attorneys appeared with Divorce Reality Expert Nan Cohen and discussed divorce and custody issues and access to the courts during the pandemic. Listen in here!

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Your Money – Separation Anxiety: Divorce, Money and Coronavirus

Apr 02 2020

Divorce and separation are highly stressful even in times of relative stability and amplified in times of uncertainty. We remain in touch with our clients and the Courts electronically during the Stay at Home Orders. The following is a reprint …

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Watch GH&A Attorney Carla Donnelly Speak About Divorce

Feb 17 2020

Recently, GH&A Attorney, Carla Schiff Donnelly, appeared on KDKA radio and Facebook Live talking about divorce with Divorce Expert Nan Cohen.  Periodically, Cohen calls upon Donnelly to contribute to her show and provide insight into the divorce process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbL_d95jSDw

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Do I Need a Prenup? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Feb 17 2019

You do not need to be wealthy to need prenuptial agreement.  What you do need is something you want to protect. Ask yourself— Is my income much higher than my fiancé’s? If the income disparity between you is great or …

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