Collaborative Divorce

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“If your only tool is a hammer. Every problem looks like a nail.” – Abraham Maslow

When most individuals think of the law or lawyers, they think of courtrooms, objections, shouting, and banging gavels. Seldom do they think of calm. While there have been methods of alternative dispute resolution for many years, the emerging field of collaborative law provides parties with a tool other than the typical hammer of litigation.

Anyone who has been involved with the Family Courts understands that the unique family dynamics and continuing interpersonal relationships involved cannot simply be pounded in to place. Collaborative law allows the opportunity for the parties to engage collaboratively trained attorneys and other professionals, including a psychologist, financial experts, or child specialists to help best express the needs, wants, and best interests of the minor children. This team of professionals works work together to forge agreements between the parties.

In addition to shielding the parties, as well as their children, from the difficult, often emotionally draining Court process, the collaborative law process also means the parties are afforded greater privacy and confidentiality. Additionally, their agreements and other documents are not filed with the Court to be viewed by the prying eye of the public. Statistics show that collaborative divorces often resolve much faster and also more cost effectively than traditional litigation.

Gentile, Horoho & Avalli is proud to be on the forefront of the collaborative movement and to offer collaborative services to its clients in all domestic dispute matters.