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We Assist Our Clients At Mediation

Mediators facilitate the decision-making process.  Parties can litigate any family law dispute without the court’s intervention. The complexity of the issues  in no way limit the potential for a mediated resolution. The parties, not the Courts, set the timetable for resolution.  The parties control the outcome.  Settlements from mediation are often more creative than those the Court can order.

It is important to have an attorney advise you on your rights before and during mediation.  All of our attorneys frequently counsel mediating parties, accompanying them at the mediation or outside the mediation, and assist in preparing mediated settlement agreements and the related legal documents to implement them.

Hire Us To Mediate Your Family Law Matter

Two of our attorneys, Carla Donnelly and Kerri Cappella, are trained mediators.  Both attorneys have a depth of knowledge and experience resolving a wide range of family law matters.