Modification of Support

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While the Court has established child support guidelines to assist in determining the appropriate amount of support to be paid, this amount can be subject to change over time.

However, the mere passage of time is only one of many reasons which could prompt a modification of support.

There may be an increase or decrease in income over time. A party may experience a job loss or a significant promotion. Some parties receive a bonus income as a significant portion of their annual take-home pay but this amount can vary wildly from year to year. Any of these changes to the parties’ respective incomes may warrant a modification.

In addition, other changes may likewise be the basis for a modification of support such as the parties’ custody schedule.

Other changes to the child’s expenses may warrant an adjustment to the child support obligation including things such as changes to the children’s healthcare costs, tuition costs, and other extraordinary expenses

Following the presentation of the parties’ cases and submission of their applicable documentation and information, the Court can make a determination as to what the Child Support Order should be at that time.

Our family law attorneys can assist you in presenting your case for a Modification of Support related to your changing circumstances as well as the needs of you and your child.