Contempt and Enforcement

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You have settled your case. Of course, that is great news! You are entitled to alimony, or you are to receive the marital home, or a pension is to be transferred to you. After tough negotiations, and after making difficult concessions, you can now move on with your life, free of your ex-spouse or partner.

But after the close scrutiny of the trial has quieted, your ex drags his or her feet. Payments are late or go unmade. The deed to the house remains unsigned. The mortgage has not been re-financed. You have seen nothing that says you now have a right to pension payments.

Unfortunately, the multiple family ties connecting a divorcing family frequently do not end with a settlement agreement or court order resolving the case. This is especially true when children are involved, where some family ties must go on because of the need to co-parent and make decisions for them.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania law has remedies that help ex-spouses or partners protect their hard-won rights. There are numerous statutes, court rules and appellate cases that provide the courts with an array of enforcement mechanisms that can be put to use for your benefit and to secure your rights. At Gentile, Horoho & Avalli, P.C., we have successfully employed these remedies in the legal system for the benefit of our clients. And when it comes to pursuing these remedies, it is important not to wait to at least understand your rights, as some claims can be waived over time or will simply become messier and more difficult to resolve, especially when those issues involve children.

Make sure you understand your rights by contacting an experienced GHA attorney immediately.