Mediation: Is it Right for Your Divorce?

More and more clients come to us interested in mediation.  Indeed, mediation has several advantages over litigation.  We regularly represent clients going through mediation.  In addition, two of our attorneys, Kerri Cappella and Carla Donnelly, are trained mediators.

Here are just some of the advantages to mediation:

Lower Cost

Mediation is far more economical than having the court resolve your issues.  Just a simple status conference can cost hours of attorney time for both parties.  You need to prepare for the conference, get there early, often wait because the court is running behind, and then travel back to the office.  Even if the lawyers participate in the mediation, you are still saving time and money.

Control the Outcome

If you go to court, a stranger will be deciding where your children will live and how much money you will receive.  You may win on issues you care less about and lose on what is most important to you.

Better Outcomes

The court will divide your money and children with the equivalent of a meat cleaver.  Mediation gives you the opportunity to divide money and time with children with the precision of a scalpel.  Sometimes what works best for you and your family is not what a court will order.


Mediation is a confidential process.  Court is not confidential.  Do you want your dirty laundry aired out at the courthouse?


If you enter into an agreement voluntarily, you are more likely to adhere to it than you are with court-imposed resolutions.  That means your ex is more likely to comply too.

Considering divorce?  Consider mediation.

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