Alimony is perhaps one of the most misunderstood terms in matrimonial law and misconceptions about alimony abound.

Alimony is based upon a fact-driven analysis and it takes years of experience with the court system to understand which facts are most important and how judges will likely interpret those facts.

Obtaining the critical relief that alimony provides is far too important to try to navigate without experienced legal representation. Gentile, Horoho & Avalli, P.C. has decades of experience analyzing this issue and presenting it to judges throughout Western Pennsylvania.

For spouses who have spent years supporting a partner’s career, to raise children, and to support a household, it is critical to understand how those efforts are valued in the court system. Similarly, the spouse that has worked hard to support a household, put children through school and to build a base of family wealth, wants to protect the fruits of that hard work.

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